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I have created this site out of pure frustation. I have literally spend days searching and comparing possible hosting companies to host my Rails projects. It is really hard to find good information about the various hosting companies. And even more so on their capabilities of hosting Rails. There are a few good places where you can find some information, but most of the information is scattered all over the place. With railshostinginfo.com my aim is to collect as much good Rails hosting companies as possible and let the Rails community review them based on their own experience.

For those of you wondering with what this site is being build and where it is hosted, well I'll tell you. Of course it is build superfast with Rails. But unfortunately Rails isn't the only technology we used. To power our search we had to look elsewhere. The search is powered by Solr, an open source enterprise search server based on the mighty Lucene Java search library. And to serve all this goodness to you we have turned to the Litespeed webserver, which is fast, reliable and easy to maintain.

For our hosting needs we went with a Dutch startup company WorldStream, which could offer us a dedicated server at a very sharp price. And it is close to home, opposed to a server in the United States or the UK. We are from Belgium by the way. The server has an AMD Sempron 2400+ to do the math and 1GB of RAM.

Now lets hope all this computing power will hold when we get slashdotted or digged :) Whenever that may be!

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