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Country: United States
Has servers in: United States
Website: http://www.joyent.com
Average rating: 1/10 (3 reviews)
Plan Hosting type Transfer (GB)
Bandwidth (Mbps)
Storage Memory Web server Operating system(s) Monthly cost Setup cost  
Accelerator S Enterprise Rails 15 GB 5 GB 256 MB 45.00 USD 45.00 USD
Accelerator M Enterprise Rails 20 GB 10 GB 512 MB 75.00 USD 75.00 USD
Accelerator Enterprise Rails 60 GB 10 GB 1 GB 125.00 USD 125.00 USD

Beefy systems, terrible terrible support and service
Reviewer: PL, 06 June 2008
Let's get this out of the way, a Joyent Accelerator is for dedicated Solaris systems administrators. With significant Apache hosting experience.

It is not possible to learn 'on the job' how to get your app deployed on an accelerator.

It was an absolute nightmare for me to get a *single* virgin raw Rails app deployed. Back and forth to the forums, configuration of Apache, SVN, Capistrano, setting up and configuring separate virtual servers for different users, tweaking Apache config files. The help wiki they have is outdated and gives you incorrect advice which hoses your Accelerator (leaves 503 errors because it monkeys with all virtual servers' VHosts files, breaking all domains you are hosting). This is difficult to undo from Capistrano if you are also using your Accelerator as an SVN repo, and why shouldn't you be able to do that?

The price isn't too bad, and they give fantastic performance. But this is just such a nightmare company to work with in deploying a *single* Rails application. Outdated information. Very little help from Joyent staff in setting up. Conflicting advice in the forums. I'm amazed that anyone, anywhere is able to get their stuff running there. I'm sure that if you can do so, the hardware is brilliant... but if you're a developer first and an administrator second, beware, this will test your patience.

Do *not* recommend.
Reviewer: Abby, 23 April 2008
Their customer service is awful!!!!!! Their responses to questions are short and cryptic. Either they have really lazy people working for them or just stupid. We moved on to Hosting Rails.
Reviewer: b guy, 04 December 2007
Took 3 days to create an account. Customer support is abysmally slow and unresponsive.

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