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Country: United States
Has servers in: United States
Website: http://www.textdrive.com
Average rating: 4.3/10 (7 reviews)
Plan Hosting type Transfer (GB)
Bandwidth (Mbps)
Storage Memory Web server Operating system(s) Monthly cost Setup cost  
Startup Shared 15 GB 5 GB Apache + fcgid
15.00 USD 25.00 USD
Plus Shared 30 GB 10 GB Apache + fcgid
50.00 USD 25.00 USD
Premier Shared 60 GB 20 GB Apache + fcgid
100.00 USD 25.00 USD

A *very* poorly run business
Reviewer: David, 25 April 2007
Tech support takes weeks to respond, even on urgent requests (if they respond at all). I have tickets open that have gone completely unanswered. Processes are killed without warning or reason, even though they insist that thier servers are for "production" only. The Rails setup is extraordinarily complex and painful. Control panels are sluggish and unresponsive. Servers crash regularly, sometimes for several hours. BUYERS BEWARE!!
Not the best
Reviewer: Matt Kull, 31 March 2007
I have a medium traffic site hosted on OCS Solutions, and a low-traffic mom and pop business-no traffic site on TextDrive.

I am constantly having downtime on Textdrive, and performance is mediocre at best.

My much beefier application has a cheaper plan on OCS Solutions and identical deployment and performs like a rocket with no downtime.
Unreliable Support
Reviewer: Damien, 06 March 2007
I've been waiting 4 days now for any reply to a very urgent support request. No reply from them whatsoever. After they've got your money, they just don't care.
Depends on who you're sharing with
Reviewer: Rob Biedenharn, 06 March 2007
As is probably true of all share hosting options, your fellow clients on the machine greatly influence uptime (or lack thereof). The machine that *my* account is on has had only about 3-4 downtime episodes in the past 18-20 months.

I tend not to need a lot of support help, but the few tickets that I have opened have all been handled promptly.

The state of documentation about how to set things up is the only reason my rating isn't higher. There are some differences between the "official" manuals/FAQs and how net-accessible docs about TextDrive recommend setting things up. This is particularly true about Capistrano.
Downtime downtime
Reviewer: Alonzo, 25 February 2007
Too much of it. Support is ok (but not so great). I'm on a shared server for about a month now. I'm so frustrated that I'm looking at other options now (trust me I'd rather not go through all the trouble).
The shared servers are pretty unstable
Reviewer: Tiago Macedo, 07 February 2007
Although the tech support is pretty good, the shared servers have way too much downtime.
Reviewer: asherwood, 22 January 2007
Our site emokoo.com is currently hosted on textdrive.com on one of their shared servers. Its not cheapest host around but the customer support is good and they have an excellent tutorial on how to get your Rails site up and running. No complaints so far :-)

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