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Country: United States
Has servers in: United States
Website: http://railsplayground.com
Average rating: 9/10 (7 reviews)
Plan Hosting type Transfer (GB)
Bandwidth (Mbps)
Storage Memory Web server Operating system(s) Monthly cost Setup cost  
Developer Hosting Level One Shared 30 GB 3 GB Apache + Mongrel
Apache + fastcgi
SolidRails Level One Shared 200 GB 10 GB Apache + Mongrel
Apache + fastcgi
60.00 USD FREE
Dedicated Server Dedicated 2000 GB 250 GB 1 GB Red Hat Enterprise Linux 200.00 USD 99.00 USD AMD Opteron 170

Good service for a very reasonable price
Reviewer: Thomas Gendulphe, 11 June 2008
I am using RP for one year for a development environment and am very pleased.
I have a developper plan and I am totally satisfied: support is fast and serious, uptime very good and the plan comes with all necessary stuff (SVN, capistrano, ...).
I recommend it!
Incredible Service
Reviewer: DeWayne Whitaker, 25 March 2008
I started using RP a few months ago to play around with personal apps on a month-to-month deal. I spend thousands every month at other RoR hosting "limo" clustering facilities... Hands down these guys are in my top 2 picks for RoR hosting. All tickets are carefully answered perfectly... Support can be a bit slow, but so far they are faster supporting than all my other RoR host.

You'll get extremely reliable service, without paying the "limo" price. I think that is important to point out RailsPlayground is in the better DC than the big "limo" RoR host.

I give them a 10, there is only one other host that ties RP, but here you can pay month-to-month.

For simple RoR hosting on a month-to-month rate, you can't do any better than RailsPlayground.

For a complex solution, I'd be willing to talk to RP about a custom managed solution, but have not tried that yet.
Reviewer: James Whiteman, 12 May 2007
I put in a ticket this morning because I was getting some pretty obscure errors with ImageScience; within a couple of hours they were knee deep in my code - even writing their own unit tests. They came up with a quick workaround that would have taken me all day to do myself. These guys are pros and they work their asses off.
Excellent Hosting
Reviewer: Hugh Bien, 22 March 2007
Service is great, they respond in less than a few minutes usually.

Hosting is great too, Dynamic FCGI processes don't die randomly like Dreamhost! You can run a Rails blog pretty reliably.
Exceptional service
Reviewer: ldk, 15 March 2007
Been using them for over a year now. Excellent service. My questions were often answered within minutes. Any problems were fixed promptly. Excellent Rails support. I love the Subversion and Trac availability. Very reasonable pricing.
Exceptional Value and Service
Reviewer: jokeefe, 09 January 2007
We've been with Railsplayground for about 2 months now and have been very happy with them. Set up of a dedicated server took about 7 hours from the time of order. For obviously reasons, I can't say whether it was typical however other service requests have been dealt with extremely quickly.

We've made a few service requests, either to fix something that we accidentally broke or to add additional services, and they were all addressed very, very quickly and professionally.

For context - we had been at Textdrive before and the setup process for a container took days and no support requests was ever addressed within 24 hours. I don't mention this to complain about them, just to provide reference data about how quick Railsplayground is.
Above and Beyond Support
Reviewer: TaylorSingletary, 08 January 2007
I use RailsPlayground to host a pretty complex online reservations system on a pretty basic plan that costs less than $30 a month. For a price like that you'd expect that you would be left completely on your own, but the support at RailsPlayground is exceptional. They are willing to help you with almost any issue you encounter, are more than happy to install gems for you, and have fast turn around times on trouble tickets no matter the day of the week.

There are some downsides. Unless you are signed up for a dedicated hosting solution, the server configuration is a bit convoluted and fragile. Apache doesn't seem to pass to Pound and your Mongrel servers important things like SSL status (which you can still scrape from the request URL, but that's not quite right).

Overall, if you are looking for something affordable with room to grow in before moving to a more heavy duty setup, RailsPlayground is fantastic. Even just as a blog host, they have extremely affordable plans and no noticeable difference in support level. I hadn't ever been willing to trust CPanel before to do server-level configuration, but it seems to be pretty robust in their setup.

D. Taylor Singletary,
Reality Technician

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