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Country: United States
Has servers in: United States
Website: http://www.hostgator.com
Average rating: 2/10 (2 reviews)
Plan Hosting type Transfer (GB)
Bandwidth (Mbps)
Storage Memory Web server Operating system(s) Monthly cost Setup cost  
Hatchling Shared 200 GB 50 GB 6.95 USD FREE
Baby Shared 1000 GB 100 GB 9.95 USD FREE
Dedicated Basic Dedicated 1500 GB 80 GB 1 GB 174.00 USD FREE 2.8GHz Pentuim 4

no FCGI for rails
Reviewer: Roger Pack, 11 January 2008
They offer rails--however they have no fcgi. This means you'll have to use cgi. Using just cgi means your rails server will have to restart each time you request a page-which is very very slow. No good for rails without it.
I can't recommend hostgator
Reviewer: tagotag, 11 December 2007
As a reseller, there are some issues at hostgator;
* You cannot setup rails environment without shell access (jailssh)
* If you already have any ssh access on any of your domains, you have to pay 10$ for each domains that you need to connect via ssh.
* There is no fcgi or mongrel option, just cgi and it's very slow.
* Support services delayed like one day, even your ticket marked as urgent.

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