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This profile is maintained by Engine Yard, which means they really value the Ruby on Rails community. Engine Yard

Country: United States
Has servers in: United Kingdom, United States
Website: http://www.engineyard.com

Engine Yard is synonymous with deploying your Rails applications with ease and a long future of growth. Deploying a Rails application can be a daunting task. First you need to choose a reliable host. After that you need to deploy your application which means setting up an operating system, securing it, install Ruby, Rails, a webserver, ... . And finally you need to maintain it and pray it doesn't go down because of a hosting failure, an error from you or just the amount of traffic. If you can't do all the above, you have two possibilities: either you hire a full time system engineer that can do all these things for you, which will cost you more than 60,000$ a year. Or you can turn to the guys at Engine Yard, where you get 3 seasoned engineers instead of just one, together they have over 20 years of business history:

  • Tom Mornini has 30 years of development experience encompassing nearly every major development platform in that time. He spent nearly three years implementing agile development processes in Fortune 50 companies, before recognizing Rails as something special in 2005. Tom published a short Rails deployment PDF booklet through O'Reilly Media in late-2006.
  • Ezra Zygmuntowicz is known as a contributor in the Rails community, especially regarding deployment. Ezra took to Rails very early in 2004. Ezra is publishing a complete Rails deployment book through The Pragmatic Programmers in early 2007.
  • Jayson Vantuyl is an amazing Linux system administrator and designer at the OS and networking level. He's responsible for much of the technical magic that makes the Rails cluster platform run.

Besides three of the best system engineers who will solve everything you throw at time, your server(s) will be housed in the same data center as the one Ebay is using, which has a zero downtime since 2001. And you get a staff of other people supporting you in addition to the 3 guys above. So you can sleep at night not wondering if your applications are still running.

If all of that isn't enough you will be able to easily scale your application. You can start out small and add extra resources once you start growing or when the need is there. So you can just pay for what you need today, then go up or down over time and just pay for what you need.

Engine Yard cluster capacity is purchased by the slice. When you buy a slice, you get a VPS that runs your application and a proportional part of the full cluster's resources, which includes multiple database servers, web servers, mail servers, load balancers, SAN storage, etc.

You arrange slices into environments. A typical setup may start with a 1 slice staging environment and a 2 slice production environment. Two slices are necessary to get complete redundancy for your app; the app slices need to be spread across physical machines.

For more in depth information visit their website, http://www.engineyard.com or drop them a line at info [at] engineyard.com.
If you decide on deploying with them, you should mention Railshostinginfo.com which will give you a 10% off the 1st month slice fees.

Plan Hosting type Transfer (GB)
Bandwidth (Mbps)
Storage Memory Web server Operating system(s) Monthly cost Setup cost  
2 Slices Enterprise Rails 250 GB 30 GB 800 MB Nginx + Mongrel Gentoo 598.00 USD 438.00 USD Two slices are necessary to get complete redundancy for your app.
3 Slices Enterprise Rails 375 GB 45 GB 1 GB Nginx + Mongrel Gentoo 837.00 USD 597.00 USD
3 Dedicated servers Enterprise Rails 750 GB 150 GB Nginx + Mongrel Linux 4500.00 USD 3000.00 USD When your application is successful enough to grow beyond the slices solution. You will be able to move very easily to a dedicated cluster of your own. It can run in their data center, or they can deliver and install it in yours.

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