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Country: United States
Has servers in: United States
Website: http://www.slicehost.com
Average rating: 8.9/10 (7 reviews)
Plan Hosting type Transfer (GB)
Bandwidth (Mbps)
Storage Memory Web server Operating system(s) Monthly cost Setup cost  
256slice VPS 100 GB 10 GB 256 MB Linux 20.00 USD FREE
512slice VPS 200 GB 20 GB 512 MB Linux 38.00 USD FREE
1024slice VPS 400 GB 40 GB 1 GB Linux 70.00 USD FREE

waiting list
Reviewer: viktor tron, 28 October 2007
October 2007 update: there is a 3 month waiting list to get a slice...
Cheap slices + great community
Reviewer: Hugh, 07 June 2007
The prices here are great, plus once you're a customer you can keep on adding slices and they're built instantly. The slice manager also lets you rebuild your slice, so if you wanted to test out your deprec recipes, this is the place for it.

On another note, Slicehost seems to have its own great community of developers. Everyone is realy nice and friendly and the owners are extremely transparent with their work. They listen to their customer's feedback.
Just what I was looking for
Reviewer: Hugh, 04 April 2007
I started out at a shared hosting place that was terrible, they never had the right gems, everything was a couple of versions back, etc.

I wanted something that I controlled and that's what slicehost gave me. You set it up from scratch like it's a plain Linux install and add from there. Want to compile the latest gem from source, no problem. Want to run Apache, capistrano and subversion, go for it.

I just need to get everything backed up at this point, so if they had that covered I would give them a 10.

Here's a good primer to get you going
Great service
Reviewer: mrkris, 17 March 2007
I have only one complaint about Slicehost, and that is the lack of multiple IP's per VPS. While many have no problem with this, I need multiple IP's for SEO purposes, so until they get support for it (Which XEN does support), they get a 9.
This is the place to be
Reviewer: mike, 04 February 2007
Awesome prices, helpful staff. This is THE provider for Ruby/Python types.
Couldn't be happier
Reviewer: Danger, 01 February 2007
I've done a lot of shopping around and SliceHost is incredible. They have all the power of RailsMachine.com for a fraction of the price.

It's true that you'll have to start from a base install but Ubuntu isn't too hard for beginners to get Rails up in ten minutes. And for those of us who like Gentoo SliceHost is a godsend.
Solid Hosting, but you need to know what you're doing!
Reviewer: meanfish, 11 January 2007
I couldn't be happier with Slicehost, but like all VPS options, they come empty. At slice, you get a choice between 4 different OS's, and then you build your web hosting stack yourself. Thanks to the deprec Ruby gem, setting up a best-practices Rails stack is really easy to do in Ubuntu.

One major plus for Slicehost - you get an actual console in the admin interface, so if you hose your firewall and can't SSH in, you still have access.

Support is quick and responsive, and there's usually people sitting in Slicehost's Campfire chat room willing to help even on basic problems. When there is a problem, Slicehost is transparent about the cause and what they're doing to fix it.

I give them a 9 because there was some brief network downtime a while back, and they've yet to reveal the cause. It's also not happened since.

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